Friday, July 31, 2009

The Bad Seed

As several of you may be aware, I started a new job this week after many months of searching for higher ground. Much to my chagrin, the job was way down the end of the pay scale and very entry level inside sales kind of stuff. But, I took it like a good soldier because it was gainful employment regardless that it was a pay cut of approximately 80% from my previous income.

Well, I walked away from that job yesterday.

I mostly bolted because as soon as I landed the gig several new, better fitting and more lucrative positions appeared in my inbox. Secondly, and more importantly to my psyche, because the woman who I quickly realized was my direct boss was strikingly like the little girl in this classic film version of the Maxwell Anderson stage play.

By the way, I was the Eileen Heckart character in this particular drama....


Anonymous said...

Good man, I did not think this was a good fit for Bob. However, I am very impressed that you realized and bolted in one day, now can we get back to Friday golf?

Cleveland Bob said...

Mr. Reed, you're far too kind and way easy to impress.

For my next trick perhaps I'll dine and dash from a Bob Evans.

Brian said...

wow that was quick