Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Random Ten (Finally got a new job ediion)

I'm Afraid Of Americans -- David Bowie
Halfway To Paradise -- Nick Lowe
African Herbsman -- Bob Marley
My Baby Only Cares For Me -- The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Song 2 -- Blur
Changes -- David Bowie
I Put A Spell On You -- Screamin' Jay Hawkins
M79 -- Vampire Weekend
The Owl -- Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers
Last Of The Small Time Playboys -- Dirty Pretty Things

Non Bowie Bonus Cut:

Heroin -- Lou Reed


Cleveland Bob said...

My old pal in Oregon, Marq B., has created a list he wanted posted so here is his Thursday iteration of a FRT.

OK. I’ll take you up on your challenge! I just got a Crackberry for work, and loaded a few “must-have” albums onto it. So the list it generated is a little skewed since there are only a small set of files that I have loaded. To be fair to the point you made, there are a couple of songs on here that aren’t my faves from the represented bands, but they are still some pretty good tunes. On the flipside, I’d say there are at least three songs on this list that I would consider in my top 100 (though again, they do come from a small set of “must-have” albums).

And because I must head north to Stumptown early tomorrow to drink beer by the river (, I give you my Thursday Ten, plus Bonus:

Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie
Enough Space – Foo Fighters
Coke – Flickerstick
Subliminal – Suicidal Tendancies
My Goodness – John Doe
Big Saturday – Jazz Butcher
The New World – X
Haunted When the Minutes Drag – Love and Rockets
Days That End in “Y” – Throw Rag
There’s Only One – Tones on Tail

Cleveland Jeff said...

Jeff's FRT (clearly more old soul/pop/jazz oriented than Cleve Bob)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Barb Jungr
When I Write The Book - Rockpile
Breakdown Dead Ahead - Boz Scaggs
In The Chapel In The Moonlight - Dean Martin
Strawberry Sleighride - Pizzacato Five
Don't Leave Me Baby - Ray Gant and Arabian Knights
The World We Know - Smithereens
I'm Angry - The Subdudes
Innamorata(Sweetheart) - Dean Martin
A Man I Can Love - Angela Strehli

Bonus Non-Bowie, non-Dean-o cut:
Honest - The Long Winters

With Dean-o showing up twice, it's clearly a sign that we should all celebrate Friday with a Martini, preferably up.