Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And another one, and another one

...another one bites the dust.

James Kilpatrick dead at 89. While the right continues to prop up contemporary versions of these neo-cons, (Savage, Coulter, Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc.) few were hardly as vitriolic, cruel and mean-spirited than the man who famously declared himself "10 miles to the right of Ivan the Terrible".

Rest in turmoil, asshat.

And on another festive note, flame thrower extraordinaire and "internet shock jock', Hal Turner had a particularly bad Friday the 13. He was convicted of threatening 3 Chicago area Federal judges with murder via his rabid promotion of guns. The over/under on sentencing for these kinds of shenanigans is oh, about ten years or so. Looks like Hal won't be playing with any of his steel blue toys for a good while to come.

Is is just me, or is today going swell or what?

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