Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bob Herbert

Mr. Herbert says it as plainly as possible. It's a horror show.

We're deep in a crisis and nothing is being done to fix the problem. I've been reticent to produce many posts here on LMS that reflect my personal situation as it pertains to unemployment, but it's staggering.

Come the end of the month, it will have been three years since I discovered that my job was going away. Sure, we could've relocated to Phoenix as was offered, but who could've imagined that things would have gone so horribly off the rails. Plus, Phoenix fuckin' sucks.

By my estimate, I've applied for over 600 jobs that I was entirely suited to perform. I've been close to landing a couple of those only to lose out at the end. It has undermined every facet of my life, my sense of self worth, it has devastated our personal finances and has changed me irrevocably as a human being.

How everything will end up no one can know, but be sure of this; unless you're in the same boat you cannot know the pain and turmoil that this upheaval has caused myself and my small family.

You just can't.


darkblack said...

Damn, CB - 3 years? That's bloody awful.
May something come along to make a shift in fortunes for you and yours.


Cleveland Bob said...

Thanks, DB.

I'm keeping busy with some projects on the side including a paltry payday as the lead actor in an upcoming production of a play called The Walworth Farce.

Here's a review of the original production from the NYTs. We started rehearsals last night...