Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Andrew Sullivan, with whom I occasionally agree, has a nice post with an embedded clip of Beck's current video rant about Egypt and the Middle East.

I know it can grow tiresome that anyone is paying attention to Beck's show, but keep in mind, his weekly viewership, while down of late, is still of immense proportions.

An estimated 20 millions seniors watch his carnival hustler schtick weekly on Ailes' network. That's a lot of old folks who think that they are getting truths while actually being funnel fed large steaming heaps of fabricated junk.

Try to watch the clip if you can. Better yet, try to follow his entirely non-linear reasoning and come away with a remotely formed thesis. Trust me, it's not there. What's important here is that many people are inhaling this drivel as gospel and that's a very scary notion.

The Blonde's sister in FL sent her a great tee shirt this week as a belated Xmas gift. The shirt read, "'s looking better all time".

Amen to that.

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