Wednesday, February 23, 2011

E.J. Dionne

This column is exactly why I hate the notion of bi-partisanship.

On the night of Obama's election in 2008, we had several friends (some with their children) over to celebrate.

I, having only been under-employed for a year at that time, came home from working at the Bd. of Elections just in time to hear the networks call the race as going to Obama.

Jubilation erupted.

Once the shouting was over and John McCain came on the telly for his concession speech, one of the younger kids said something mildly snarky about the other side losing. She was kindly, but quickly, taken to task by her mom for being unsportsmanlike and reminded that we're all in this together and that working with one another is an important component of civility.

Fuck that.

The reason that the Tea Party and their ilk continue to always win the day as it relates to the national dialogue is because we allow it. For two years now, the Left has deferred, cajoled, sat-by and molly coddled these mouth breathers under the ridiculous notion of bi-partisanship.

Until we crush them with nothing short of scorched earth tactics and outright hate and revolution, we will continue to have our asses handed to us.

So let's get going folks before (2012) it's too late. Fuck the Right and everything they hold dear. If your friends, neighbors, parents, siblings, etc. have any Right leaning observations, insights or inclinations, punch them swiftly in the throat and move on. No fraternization or comity.

Crush these Fuckwits for good.

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