Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Right Wing

Let's be clear; I have a very passionate distaste for the Right Wing Media tools in our country.

Yesterday, in the matter of an hour or so, I heard El Rushbo, Hannity, Stuart Varney and Glenn Beck all insinuate that Lara Logan got what was coming to her for being a pretty girl in a crazy mob of Egyptians, but wait, there's more.

They also used her horrible gang rape attack as fodder that "they hate our freedoms" and this is the backlash for the US pro Israeli stance.

RUSH: Well, the Muslim Brotherhood, it is suspected, is behind this. Certainly it was members of the crowd. It was the Egyptian military and a bunch of women who saved her.

CALLER: Well, I can believe that. And these are the people that Obama's backing, this Muslim Brotherhood? I mean, come on, I mean why isn't there -- I don't understand, you know, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, and Oprah Winfrey are constantly talking about women's rights in the Middle East and one of our own gets sexually assaulted over there.

RUSH: Look, okay, you're forcing me into this. You're forcing me into this. To report widely on this totally destroys the narrative they've set up about this is that Obama is responsible for all of the wonderful things that happened in that square to get rid of Mubarak. Obama owns the mob. They were running around asking the members of the crowd, "What do you think of Obama? What is your message for Obama?" So they set this thing up as this is a freedom-loving bunch, a bunch that's oriented toward freedom and democracy. Well, this doesn't fit the template. It just doesn't fit the template of who the people in the crowd were. So it's gotta sorta be downplayed a little bit.

This is really beyond the pale yet time and again they get away with such hate speech and it's truly ironic that these monsters are all of a sudden compassionate to their sworn enemy, CBS News.

Here are some other reactions to the attack from lesser players.

Here's hoping Lara Logan recovers from her assailants of every stripe.

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