Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Random Ten

Down On The Corner -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Money (That's What I Want) -- The Backbeat Band
Lisztomania -- Phoenix
Everyday People -- Sly & The Family Stone
Flame On -- The Iguanas
Keep A Knockin'-- Little Richard
Bust A Move -- Young MC
You Can Get It If You Really Want It -- Jimmy Cliff
Buena -- Morphine
Hey Ya! -- Outkast

Bonus Spring's a comin' cut:

Life With You -- The Proclaimers (this one's for the lovely and talented Georgene!)

1 comment:

Cleveland Jeff said...

OK, now that's a 10!
Sly, that great Iguanas song, Little Richard (highly underrated), a version of Money I'm not familiar with, Jimmy Cliff on a Friday, Bust A Move, and Proclaimers. Totally sick!