Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Exit stage leftist...

Fidel leaves with hardly a bang. * For all his huffing and puffing during his reign, he really was ultimately a non event on the world's stage save keeping 1950's cars running on makeshift parts for the last 60 years and spooking the Kennedy regime for a spell.

I'm sure however that the folks on the right will dig up Raygun's corpse and find a way to attribute the fall of Castro to the brilliant political strategy on the part of the host from Death Valley Days.

* I changed the photo due to the Redman's admonition in the comments section. I report--you decide, fair and balanced.


Anonymous said...

On the Castro article, I was trying to figure out who were the five remaing Communist countries and identified Cuba, China, North Korea and Albania, but couldn't think of the fifth. Insight?

Cleveland Bob said...

I was going to guess one of the "Stans"...Uzbeca, Kahzi...etc.

However, I did do a search and they listed Cuba, China North Korea, Vietnam and Laos. No Albania.

Let's see if my brother the History major would like to weigh in on this one.

Cleveland Bob said...


I got my facts from the CIA website and we all know how "slam dunkin'" correct they can be with their data.

reddyrooster said...

I think your 5 is correct.

BTW-- I don't think that's a picture of Fidel.