Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That's Frantz, not France...


While I'm on the topic of the odious gasbags on Clear Channel/Faux News station WTAM, I thought I'd take a minute to provide a profile on this tool.

He was spewing some bile this morning about Michelle Obama's comment about not feeling proud to live in the country. They then went right into an Obama for prez ad. Super programmer director over there at WTAM. I know that they can't refuse the political ads, but they can pick when to air them. Idiots.

Bob Frantz can be counted on to bloviate on standard issue boilerplate rhetoric on any conservative issue; guns, Dennis, war on drugs, bashing Cleveland, hating evil liberals, calling the Democratic party the Democrat party, blah, blah blah.

Is anyone under 75 actually listening to this dreck and if so why?

Feel free to weigh in and provide some ideas as to how to get these asshats off the airwaves. Seeing that I'm STILL not working, I'd love to make a full time job of smothering the local hate speech here in the Cleve.

Funnily enough, it appears that he's looking for a foil. Perhaps I'll apply and try to encourage him to actually form complete sentences on his show for a change instead of of saying "you know" every 15th syllable.

It could be kind of a Bob vs. Bob thing...

**actual photo of Bob Frantz

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Cleveland Bob said...

BTW, Here is Bob Frantz' reply to my email...

Thanks for the inquiry, Bob. Nice photo of me on your page, as well.

We will be moving on this project shortly, so I will contact you with more information-- if yours is the liberal blog we select.

Also, you seem to have misunderstood and mischaracterized our plans for incorporating bloggers into my webpage and my show. (Perhaps there were too many polysyllabic words in that post for you to comprehend?)

The bloggers we select will be doing point/counterpoint with one another...not with me. I argue with people all day long--my regular callers and listeners. My goal with this new project is to feature one conservative blogger and one liberal blogger (or as you described in your self-analysis, "evil socialist liberal") on my webpage, and to have them debate one another on the air once a week on the topic of the day. I would serve only as the moderator.

So, if it was a "Dueling Bobs" scenario you were looking for, I'm sorry to disappoint. If, however, you are interested in debating a conservative blogger on a semi-regular basis, then I will keep your site in mind as a possibility, and your phone number as well.

Best regards,