Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fun with math

The news item that folks keep avoiding...the elephant in the room if you will, is how many more votes are being cast by Democrats versus Republicans.

Check it out...


Hillary Clinton1,203,924

Barack Obama976,368

John McCain632,575

Mike Huckabee323,074


Hillary Clinton1,452,776

Barack Obama1,354,553

John McCain707,622

Mike Huckabee521,951

I mean c'mon...Obama got more votes than McCain did in Ohio and HE LOST to HRC!! Additionally, if you add up both McCain and Huckleberry's tallies in Texas, either Democratic candidate beats their combined totals. The GOP is sooooo dead.

So the totals are

Democrats= 4,987,621 votes

Republicans= 2,185,222 votes

In a general election this is a righteous ass whoopin.

just sayin'...

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