Sunday, March 09, 2008

There's got to be a morning after

Yes, yes, we remembered to set everything ahead last night before we went to bed. However, the irony of "Springing" forward was not lost on those of us here in the Cleve who were whopper jawed by the large volume of snow we received during what I clocked to be about 32 hours of straight snowfall.

Here are some snaps from the festivities...

Jackie and Bailey Sue hangin' with moi

Yes, it's pretty afterwards, but what will we tell the children?

JD in the forefround with some cool drifts on the roof.

Too bad Barney didn't stop by...


Anonymous said...

in times/weather like this, I see you start quoting Maureen McGovern, just do not start getting physical.


Brian said...

thats just a little snow!

Have you heard of the Foxboro Hot Tubs?