Friday, May 02, 2008

"The Big One-Five"

He remains, by far, the most friendly and mellow puppy I have ever met.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, friends and neighbors...Jack the Dog is 15 years old today.

Happy Birthday, boy...we love you!


gig said...

Coming from a secular humanist such as myself, if there is a place that remotely emulates the idea of 'heaven'......then he is my angel sent from heaven.
Happy Birthday, boy...we love you to pieces!
your mama

silky1 said...

Wishing you 15 more Jackie Boy! We could all learn something by the way you live your life. I hope I look that good at 105! I'm a believer. Love to All!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ol' Boy! If our old dog Nugget were still around, we're sure she'd be giving you that special "birthday kiss" she was so fond of giving you when you lived in Oregon. She was always a bit guilty for passing on the Christmas Curse (read: the pig ear fiasco), but obviously you've moved past that and found the key to a long, happy life. Keep breaking hearts old man!

-Melanie & Marq (and our psycho dog Pepper)

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Jack! What a sweet soul you are! MANY happy returns of the day! And lots of cookies.... :)
Love and BLessings,

Auntie Valerie said...

Arf arf arf arf Woof Woof
Arf arf arf arf Woof Woof
Arf arf arf arf Dear Jackie
Arg arf arf arf WOOF WOOF!

MrsTbogg said...

What a gorgeous face...many happy returns Jack!


Maximus said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie....
You don't look a day over 12!