Thursday, May 08, 2008

Last Night

Steve Earle was great last night. We were literally in the front row. It was an all acoustic show which might have been limited in its scope but Steve had a DJ/mixmaster that added a good deal to the over 2 hour show.

Allison Moorer was a terrific warm-up and she added a nice touch when she joined Steve on stage for his set.

Steve Earle paces the stage with a sense of gloom that has an intangible air of humor and anger to it. You can tell how possessed he is to make music almost as if he's deeply conflicted by the need to create and the medium itself which appears not to be entirely satisfactory to him. It was almost hard to watch his performance...very compelling, yet dark. We loved it.

Next to John Doe, he's officially one of my favorite contemporary American songwriters...

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