Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cheddar Report

I'd signed up to work with the Appleton Obama office to do either driving or calling today. I was on the phones almost all day and prolly talked to 75 people or so outta maybe ... I dunno ... 300-400 total dials. Sure, I had a few hangups, but I had a lot more that were excited and grateful exchanges. Like the 82 year old grandmother who told me she hardly ever leaves the house but had to get out and vote for this "wonderful young man" and thanked me for calling.

I've mentioned before that I live in an area conservative and white enough that the John Birch Society is HQd there. But the group I was with today was the most diverse I've seen. Predominantly white, to be sure, but much more, you know, representative of the country than what I usually see around town. And they were fired up. The two shots of the inside up top had about that many people rolling through all day.

The only driving I did was to take a young soldier to his polling place. Showing up in full camo, PFC Josh Calender is being trained in artillery and will be shipping out to Falujah in February. He told me that from what he's heard, the military is leaning 75-25 Obama. Their concerns were not only coming home, but what their lives will be like after they do. He then said that Joe the Prop was the last straw. McCain has lost his rep for seriousness with some very serious people. Josh also told me he moved up here with his family from Florida and that they all used to vote solidly Republican, but not now. This was his first election and he cast his vote for Barack Obama.

All in all a very exciting day, here in this little burgh.

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