Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey, Ohio! You just went Blue and put Obama over the top! What are you going to do next? I'm going to Youngstown! Well, specifically, the International Pop Overthrow, being held this weekend at the fabulous Cedars Lounge. The love child of impresario extraordinaire David Bash, this sweet little festival that could hits major places like LA, Chicago, New York... even Liverpool (where the pic up top comes from). I've been to the last two in Chi and it is a blast. Now, he brings the fun to Y-town.

Bash runs a tight ship and throws a new band at you every 20 minutes or so. New, I guess, is relative-- I've seen kids and old timers alike. And while Power Pop is typically the order of the evening, I also seen bands plying psychedelia, Brazillian, alt-country... pretty much anything that can have the word "pop" suffixed to it. It's a lotta fun and not to be missed.

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