Monday, November 10, 2008

He came, he saw, he kicked ass

I’ve offered my admiration of Howard Dean before. Now, not unexpectedly, comes the news that after one term as DNC Chair, he’ll be stepping down. His tenure has not been without controversy, but it’s undeniable that his efforts made last Tuesday possible. He had the vision of a netroots-fueled, 50 state Democratic victory and the moxie to make that vision reality. You think that insufferable spoogebag Terry McAuliffe coulda done this? Not bloody likely…

Yes, the stars certainly aligned for us… from the thermonuclear shitbomb detonated by the Cheney Administration to having a superb candidate at the head of the ticket. But without the roadmap GPS provided by the good doctor, Barack Obama’s drive to the White House would’ve been a lot more difficult. And we also have congressional majorities bigger than anything the repiglicans have had since the “The Contract On America” was put out by Newtie. We all owe Howard Dean an enormous debt of gratitude. I only hope we’ve not seen the last of him. FDA? Surgeon General? HHS? Yes, please.

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