Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's morning in America again

Michelle was right: I’m prouder than I’ve ever been of our country today. And we did it our way. The rethuglicans hijacked the last two elections and have ruled these last eight years to the extent that I thought we’d never really be a true democracy again. We proved them wrong. All of us, every last volunteer, everyone who donated 5 or ten bucks, everyone who cared enough to work hard enough to take our country back.

And as I’ve said before, Howard Dean deserves a ton of credit for this. He embraced the nascent online community of Kos and Atrios and all the rest and showed the Democrats how to build a winning organization from the ground up. And Obama took it and ran with it to the White House.

I’ll let Roger Ebert, one of my favorite Chicagoans, take it from here...

Let’s savor these three words this morning: President Barack Obama.

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