Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Decemberists

I love this band. They capture many of the far flung aspects of music that I dig. They're some kind of weird hybrid of folk, what used to be considered prog rock and a Kurt Weill dirge.

Plus they tell a damn good story.

Rock music for English Majors...


reddyrooster said...

"Rock music for English Majors... " Ahh... remember when they useta say that about Declan MacManus?

Cleveland Jeff said...

If you read the music critics on the web (and I'm one) and in magazines, I think you'd assume all rock music was for English majors. I can't believe how music reviewers can find the hidden meanings and literary references in rock tunes. I hardly ever knew what the heck Dylan was singing about until one of these pundits explained it to me. How did I ever come to love music while maintaining such a low-brow comprehension level? Maybe the Raspberries and Beach Boys helped.