Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Game 82

The Cavaliers regular season ends tonight. The playoffs start this weekend. They've effectively rested LeBron these last two weeks and hoping it pays off throughout the Finals.

Me too.

People associate on a very emotional level regionally with their sports teams. Manchester United, Green Bay Packers, Montreal Canadiens...these are just a few of the sports franchises that come to mind.

The 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers are special. Being from this area originally and then living in bigger and more successful sports markets has given me an appreciation of what a series of World Championships can do for a Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Let's hope NE Ohio gets a break this time and wins the whole meal deal this NBA season. We could make good use of the positive mojo that would do wonders to lift the spirits of the proletariat.

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reddyrooster said...

The Pack? You betcha!

Oh, and ... GO CAVS!