Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Random Ten

Finer Feelings -- Spoon
Praying Hands -- DEVO
Missing -- Beck
Towner -- Spoon
The Part You Throw Away -- Tom Waits
I'm Outta Time -- Oasis
China Girl -- David Bowie*
Rex Kramer -- Gomez
The Jessica Numbers -- The New Pornographers
Given To Fly -- Pearl Jam

Bonus, just because, cut:

Traffic and Weather -- Fountains Of Wayne

* Funny that both Bowie and DEVO are on the playlist this morning.

In David Giffel's definitive bio We Are DEVO! book he describes Mark Motherbaugh's (or Jerry's, I don't recall), reaction to meeting Bowie when he was trying sign them to a label as, "the nicest reptile we ever met"...

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