Monday, January 21, 2008

Blast from the past

Here's an old clip of SP poundin' the skins and Keith ripping it up on guitar covering that PowerPop smash hit by the Records--Starry Eyes.

Gosh, the things you'll find out on the Innertubes.

BTW...Nice mullet on Scottie.


reddyrooster said...

Is that the dude from Wild Giraffes on vocals?

Anonymous said...

that is indeed the one and only chris king from the wild giraffes on vocals!!!

Anonymous said...

the smokin baloneys were /are chris king - vocals : dave hutson - bass and superior harmony vocals, and available for your corporate BBQ (no lie) : mike terril - guitar : scott pickering - drums : keith pickering - guitar

be sure to check all the smashing hits on the you of the innertube!