Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Throughout the debate last night-- especially the cute little “That One” moment-- I kept hearing the esteemed analyst Jeffrey Spicoli (D-MJ) laying into McCan’t the way he addressed Mr. Hand after he tore up Spicoli’s schedule:

“You Dick!”

Seriously, what a pusillanimous putz. Full on “get off my lawn” mode. And what was with the stalking around? In every way Obama won. He was more measured, assured and WTF-- honest. You know, presidential. Ain’t nothing like a sure thing, baby, and I hate to count my roosters ‘fore they’re hatched, but unless the O-Man really steps in it between now and Nov. 4th, I think we win. Let’s just hope there’re some spoils left to the victors…

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Cleveland Bob said...

Mr. Hand!...that's my skull.