Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The ever brilliant, (and I choose that word very carefully), darkblack, has rewarded us yet again with one of his pieces of art that speaks for itself.

I'll add nothing to his ouevre save that he's a attached a stirring video on his post that captures the Doors at their poetic best.

It's become fashionable in recent years to dismiss Morrison and the Doors as hacks and one trick ponies in certain circle of rock critique. While that may be true of the Velvet Underground and some of their ilk, the Doors were hugely influential for me personally if for no other reason than Ray Manzarek produced the first two albums of one of the greatest American bands ever to make music.

X, who, by the way, are on Craig Ferguson tonight.


reddyrooster said...

That's hilarious, but "The End" is prolly my least favorite Doors song. Gimme "Break On Through" any day...

darkblack said...

Ah, that darkblack's a hack...Probably a socialist, too.


Ta, CB and RR...I found that video interesting for historical purposes.
It is rather fashionable to denigrate Morrison & company (being mindful that there was nothing like them at all in that era...A jazz/blues/flamenco trio fronted by a leather-clad Rimbaud, ho hum they grow on the trees in sunny L.A.), but such aspersions usually amount to biddyish tut-tutting over the excessive Blakeian derangement of the senses proffered by JM and miss the totality entirely.