Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don’t Make Me a Target

© Bill Watterson

For my money, RFK was the best of the Kennedy brothers… and his namesake is perhaps the shiniest apple to fall from that fruitful tree. Among other things, he wrote the definitive piece on WTF happened in Ohio back in ’04 for Rolling Stone.

He’s still hard at it, penning another RS must-read (which has been a frequent occurrence of late) about the voter suppression efforts still bubbling to the surface of the GOP thunderjug, especially the bit about bumping voter reg forms with other official government documentation and disqualifying voters on the basis of discrepancies between them. I know, personally, as a toddler prole launching my career as a teenage pearldiver at a local eatery, I ended up with a Social Security card with my name printed as “Dave” instead of the more formal David W. I still carry that card (and, yes, it’s printed on parchment) so if some asshole wanted to make an issue of it, I’d be outta luck.

RFK Jr. was pimping this piece on Rachel Maddow’s show the other night. If you’ve not yet checked her, do so without delay.

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