Friday, October 03, 2008

Biden v. Pale One

Well, Palin exceeded expectations last night and actually didn’t do that badly, although that’s relative. She’s the heir of the Quayle-Chimp legacy: ignant but on message. She was clearly using cards and didn’t answer the questions, instead just running down bullet-pointed talking points. But she did it with verve and energy…

That said, she’s still a scary, fundie moron. Yet, she’s also telegenic and personable which will allow her to maintain something of a career. With the core of the repiglicans being winnowed down to the far right, she might just become a playa. Sorta a 21st century Phyllis Schlafly. But the good news is she won’t be vice president to a 72 year old cancer survivor. Despite the fact that she didn’t implode, I don’t think this changes anything. She ain’t gonna win this one, but she mighta saved her career last night.

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