Monday, October 06, 2008


Andrew Leonard, in his great Salon series How The World Works, gets into something that has me wondering why the hell the Dems don't say that it's the Rethuglicans, stupid!

Money quote:

The moral authority of the Reagan revolution has collapsed. It will be many, many years before a Republican can address the nation with a straight face and declare that what we need is more deregulation. Oh, they'll try it -- I've heard Senators and Representatives make that very case this week. But the majority of Americans will not pay attention to their garbage.

Again, why is this not being pounded by Obama, Biden, Dean... all of them? Haven't we proven-- at least twice now-- that the Reagan-Norquist-Gingrich axis of bullshit is utterly, fatally wrong? It's not just Bush and McCan't, it's the whole fucking party. They were wrong 30 years ago, 20 years ago, ten years ago and now.

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